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Effects of Daily Shampoo Use

Hair and hair care is a hot topic right now. With so many people embracing and loving their natural hair types, there has been a rise in hair care products like never before. This is especially true in the case of shampoo and conditioner. And while picking a shampoo brand can be a hassle in itself, deciding how many times to wash ones hair is another matter entirely. There are so many opinions on the matter, it can be hard to know what to do to get the healthiest hair.

There are those, however, who swear that washing hair every day is the only way to go. Their opinion is based on several things, including the idea that if the body needs to be washed every day, so does the hair. However, there can be quite a few side effects of washing ones hair daily. It should be stated that the results of washing hair depends on two things: Hair type and shampoo used. So, to understand how shampooing daily effects the hair, each aspect needs to be observed.

Dry and Curly Hair

For those with thick, dry, or curly hair, shampooing daily can be detrimental to hair health. Hair that is already dry, when shampooed repeatedly, will only become drier. This will lead the hair to frizz and break. Split ends are common for those who shampoo their dry or curly hair more than twice a week. And for those with dry and curly hair, the results are even more disastrous. The curls will be in a constant state of frizzy-ness, which will only get worse as it begins to break.

People with dry and/or curly hair should always use moisturizing shampoo and restrict their shampooing to once or twice a week. This might increase if a person is extremely active or it’s summer, since the scalp will begin creating more oil, meaning the hair needs to be washed more frequently. However, at most, this hair type should shampoo every other day and, if shampooing this often, deep condition as much as possible.

‘Average’ Hair

For those with hair that isn’t too dry or too oily, what is considered more ‘average’ hair, shampooing daily isn’t as bad as it is for those with dry or curly hair. This type of hair doesn’t create an excess of oil, but still needs to be washed frequently. It’s unlikely that washing this hair daily will cause serious problems, though in the winter it could lead to breakage and frizz.

Oily Hair

Those who have oily hair will find that washing their hair daily has almost no side effects. Because their scalp creates enough oil to keep their hair moisturized for the day, they’ll usually find that at days end, their hair is look sleek oil. Shampooing daily for those with oily hair will actually result in their hair being soft, more bouncy, and extremely healthy looking. They should, however, use a very mild shampoo to get the best results.

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