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Commonly Purchased Vitamin Supplements

Recent research and several studies have shown that the majority of vitamin supplements actually don’t do much good for the body. Not enough of the nutrients in the vitamins are absorbed by the body. And, most of those that do absorb well aren’t even necessary. Due to the improved diets that most people have access to today, the majority of the population doesn’t even need supplements.

However, there are some commonly purchased vitamin supplements that actually do the body good. Their benefits have been studied and reported to strengthen the body and boost the body’s natural immune system.

1. Probiotics

Probiotics are most known for being found in yogurts. But, there’s so much more to them. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help keep the digestive system running healthily. It’s a little known fact that antibiotics wipe out all bacteria, not just the bad kind. This is why it isn’t uncommon to get diarrhea after going through a round of antibiotics. Probiotics can replace the healthy bacteria that has been eradicated from the system. However, like in all cases with vitamin supplements, they should be used according to their instructions.

2. Zinc

The same studies that found most vitamin supplements don’t help the body in any way also found that taking vitamin C doesn’t, in fact, help fight cold symptoms. However, for those who want a little extra help fighting viruses, zinc is a perfect option. Zinc fights the replicating properties of the cold virus, or rhinovirus, so that those with colds recover faster. And, like vitamin C, zinc comes in pill and lozenge form.

3. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, or niacin, is one of the more commonly purchased vitamin supplements. And this should come as no surprise, since it has so many benefits. Niacin has been used to treat things like diabetes and headaches. There are also studies that have looked at how it improves the health in those with Alzheimer’s or high cholesterol. There is one huge reason vitamin B3 is so popular, though, and that’s because it has profound effects on those with heart disease. These niacin supplements are often given to those who have had a cardiac event to keep them from having repeat attacks.

4. Vitamin D

This is an extremely popular vitamin supplement, and for good reason. One thing that people don’t get enough of these days is sunshine, which is a natural provider of Vitamin D. So taking it in vitamin for is highly recommended by most health professionals. Vitamin D boosts the immune system, especially in children who frequently come down with colds. It is also known for strengthening bones. One study even found that taking Vitamin D can increase a persons’ life expectancy.

5. Garlic

In its natural form, garlic isn’t at all appetizing. But, taking it in vitamin form can offer many benefits, which is probably why it’s flying off the shelves these days. Garlic reduces blood pressure, which has been seen in several studies throughout the years. While the research is still in its beginning stages, garlic is also being explored as a possible preventative for cancer.

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