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How to Choose a Tattoo Parlor

Getting a tattoo is a very big deal for most people. It’s an expression of a person and very often represents something significant to him or her. Due to the seriousness of getting a tattoo, it’s important for people to pick the perfect tattoo parlor. Knowing how to choose the best tattoo parlor might take a little work, but following these tips should be able to help make the process a little easier.

1. Decide on a Tattoo

Everyone has seen or heard about tattoo fails. The first step in deciding on a tattoo parlor is knowing exactly what tattoo to get. This will help when looking at the work the artists in the parlors have done, so a person can know if that parlor is up to it. Plus, thinking about it for a while will definitely help assure that there won’t be any regrets in the future.

2. Categorize the Tattoo

While this might seem a bit over the top, there is a good reason for it. While most tattoo parlors will claim to be able to do a wide range of tats, there will also be a specific style that stands out in each one. Some might be great at Japanese calligraphy, but horrible at portraits. Others might be great at portraits, but horrible at color. Once the tattoo has been categorized, it will be much easier to find a parlor that specializes in that style.

3. Ask Around

For those who have friends who have tattoos, this is probably very easy. The truth is, recommendations are the best way to know if a tattoo parlor has a good reputation. If a person sees a tattoo similar in style to the one he or she wants, asking where and who did the tattoo might be all that’s necessary to find the perfect parlor. And, most of the times, people with tattoos love chatting about them, so there’s really no need to be embarrassed.

4. Use Google

This one seems kind of obvious, but there’s really nothing quite as wonderful as Google. By knowing how many and what kind of tattoo parlors there are in the area, a person will be better able to make a decision. And, with the increase of sites like BBB online and Yelp, it’s very easy to read about peoples experiences at these places.

5. Visit the Parlor

Before making an appointment to get the tattoo done, a visit should be made to the potential parlor. While it’s not always right to judge a book by its cover, in some cases, first impressions mean a lot. Tattoo parlors should be clean and the people working there should be friendly. If a person walks into a tattoo parlor and immediately gets a bad feeling, there’s a high probability the tattoo will give a bad feeling, too.

6. Talk to the Artist

Once a potential tattoo parlor is found, people should take the time to talk to the artist who will be doing their tattoo. They should be friendly, creative, and open to hearing about the tattoo. They shouldn’t be pushy and should offer great advice, coming from their experience.

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