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Weight Watchers vs. Similar Diet Plans

Weight Watchers has made huge ripples in the dieting world and, with the help of celebrity endorsers, has become a favorite with people who want to take control of their weight loss journey. However, it’s not the only diet plan that’s promoted and has a loyal following. It is, however, the highest rated diet plan currently available. So, when considering others, it makes sense to compare similar diet plans with Weight Watchers.

First, an overview of Weight Watchers. This diet plan works on a point system. Every food or meal is given a certain number of points and every person is only allowed a certain number of points per day. Weight Watchers has been shown to have amazing short-term effects and, if people stick with the program, moderate long-term effects.

1. Vs. Biggest Loser Diet

Like Weight Watchers, the Biggest Loser Diet has a focus on eating healthily. It also restrict how many calories are eaten per day, but doesn’t use the point system like Weight Watchers. The most profound difference between Weight Watchers and the Biggest Loser also has a strong focus on exercising regularly. The combined diet and exercise have made this a very effective weight loss plan.

2. Vs. Jenny Craig

Rising in popularity all through the 90s and early 2000s, Jenny Craig is a highly effective weight loss program. Like Weight Watchers, it focuses heavily on diet and also sees extremely positive short-term results. Unlike Weight Watchers, it also offers a support system for the weight loss journey, by offering counseling sessions. It doesn’t, however, have quite as positive long-term effects.

3. Vs. Atkins

The Atkins diet also focuses on a very specific diet plan. Unlike Weight Watchers, this diet plan comes in four phases. All in all, it focuses on a high-fat, low carb diet which sheds the pounds quickly. However, the longer term effects aren’t as positive and is extremely hard to stick with for a long time.

4. Vs. Slim-Fast

Often associated with Slim-Fast shakes, the Slim-Fast diet involves replacing two meals a day with the shakes. The one meal that is eaten per day is healthy and heavy on the veggies. There are also bars and snacks that can be added to this restrictive diet. Some people claim to lose one or two pounds a week on this diet and, like Weight Watchers, as a good track record with long and short term results.

5. Vs. Veganism

Unlike Weight Watchers, a veganism is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. It requires a long-term commitment to really reap the results, which are often experienced slower than Weight Watchers results. Veganism involves removing all dairy and meat products out of the diet.

6. Vs. Raw Food

This is a very recent and popular lifestyle change that can result in better health and weight loss. Like Weight Watchers, it involves adjusting ones diet. However, it is much more restrictive than Weight Watchers. But, because it assures that dieters will be eating very few calories, it definitely has results.

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